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Do You Feel Abandoned, MMM 8-23-2010


Monday Morning Message, August 23, 2010

Several years ago, I was playing golf with some people I got paired up with at the Cape Coral, Fl Country Club who were from Detroit.  It was the 1980’s and they were telling me their story about how they were the third member of their family to be laid off from the auto industry that year.  As union members they felt a sense of security as they had a ten year guarantee of 60% of their previous year’s wages as a buffer against being laid off like this. I started to wonder then, how long a company could keep paying that kind of benefit?  One of the men was the first to use an expression that I have come to hear many times since.  He said, “Oh don’t worry, the last guy out of Detroit can turn off the lights!”

This sorry attitude has been used recently about Cleveland in the post LeBron departure and it often gets used anytime there is a movement away from long established traditions.  I wonder if you have ever felt like the one who was the last one standing when everyone else left you behind.  The reason this idea was on my heart is because it appears that we are seeing many forms of departure these days:

1. Our troops are leaving Iraq.  Will the remaining forces and the people we’ve trained be able to handle the pressures there?
2. The average investor seems to be leaving the stock market because fear has gripped them to an extent that they cannot even think about the word risk.
3. Young people who are leaving the church… 70% to 80% of high school grads are leaving the church after they leave home.
4. Purity and decency are long gone from television shows and each night it is a rarity to find one show that exhibits qualities that do not offend our senses.
5. Language that does not defile our calling to avoid taking the Lord’s name in vain. (Interesting how many people defended Rex Ryan’s use of f-bombs vs. Tony Dungy’s calling for cleaning up the language of football coaches.)
6. Adults who are leaving the church because the calling of Christ is too much to expect in our modern society. 
7. Anyone who is still cooking from scratch.  As my wife often states, kitchens are for resale purposes in a house and not to be used by sane people!
8. Anyone who observes the speed limits on interstate highways.  In Fla the official speed limit is 70 mph; the real speed limit is 80 mph; the highway patrol gets real concerned when they time speeders at 95 mph; they call out the air corps when the speeders are going over 110 mph!
9. Anyone who doesn’t cheat on exams or term papers. The Internet can supply so much info that you simply must use them to keep up!
10. Anyone who helps out their neighbors… or for that matter even knows their neighbor’s names or whereabouts?
How do you feel abandoned or betrayed?  How do you think God feels when we think of the Ten Commandments as if they are just ten suggestions from an old book?

Genesis 6:3 (NIV) “The Lord said, My spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh,”
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