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For Investors

Since the turn of the century, making positive returns in stocks has been very difficult. Although bonds have done better, the long term history of normalized returns has almost always favored stocks over bonds. But the public companies that investors are able to buy stock in are much more complex today in their operations and activities. For many investors, the stocks and funds they have money in are just passive and distant entities that either produce positive or negative returns.

When we dig beneath the surface of it all, it turns out that many of those companies are engaged in businesses and activities that are in total conflict with a Christian World View. Is it important to you to make certain that you be a good steward of the funds God has entrusted to you? Would it make a difference if your investments are profiting from pornography, alcohol, tobacco, abortion, or other activities that are counter to your Christian World View?

Kingdom Gains will give you insights into how you can change this pattern! If you are part of an investment club, this could also be a wonderful book to help provide insights for all of your future holdings. If you are an invididual investor, it will help you become informed on how you can stop being a party to business as usual and change how you view your investments. This is a great gift for family and friends who also have an interest in investing. Why not consider the savings available in purchasing in volume?