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Kingdom Gains for the Financial Advisor

As an advisor, you have earned the trust of your client’s by your integrity and your competence. If you have Christians as clients and you have not acknowledged the importance of investing with their Biblical World View, you are missing a major aspect of their needs.

Many advisors have moved their entire practice toward a BRI perspective. Other advisors work with both Christians and non-Christians and still have found how valuable it is to be able to offer BRI services. The author of Kingdom Gains admits that he did not embrace BRI until late in his own practice. He appeals to you to not wait any longer!

Do you think God cares HOW we make money? Do you think your clients care how we make money? Do you care how we make money?

All of those questions are dealt with in the book along with the classic concern about performance and whether this type of investment approach might cost us compared to other choices we could make.

Are you concerned that this might cause you to have to change some things of your own or how you run your practice? Kingdom Gains will help you whether you work at a large or small firm. Kingdom Gains will help you in your own investment philosophy and also help you to better understand your clients who have a Christian World View. This will not be a guilt trip but instead an eye opening exploration of applying Biblical principles to an age old problem of how people vote with their funds.

If you wish to make volume purchases of the book to distribute to clients, inquire about the volume discounts that you would be eligible to receive.