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For Pastors and Priests


You face some of the greatest challenges in the history of the church in America as the forces of greed and materialism weigh heavily on our society. Dealing with matters of money and how it is just one aspect of our stewardship to Christ can cause many of your members to get upset quite easily. So, avoiding this issue is quite understandable and convenient. But that is not your nature! Can you relate to how complicated the financial issues are for the people you are leading in your church? We believe that Kingdom Gains can help you understand many aspects of investing and also add a Biblical orientation. The notes after each chapter will help small group studies and a full study guide is planned for early 2011.

Just maintaining one's job and position is a major accomplishment for people in today's economy. People are forced to be their own money manager for their retirement funds as most companies do not provide a traditional pension plan. Your flock is often just working to make ends meet. They try to put money away for kids educational funds; pay off their mortgage; pay off their credit cards; and hope to have some money left for retirement. Along comes Kingdom Gains to offer Biblical lessons on money and investing? It helps if you can start from a position of empathy and then be able to apply the Biblical principles that will allow hearts and minds to listen. Kingdom Gains can help you bring that level of understanding to this task. Investors have suffered so much in the past few years that the timing could not be better for them to hear something different. That difference is to apply Biblical principles to their investments.

When I talked to Randy Alcorn on this subject, he tried to narrow the questions down to the core of this issue.
Namely, does God care how we make money?

Other questions that you might ask are,

Should we as God's messengers bring light to this issue?

Is there a major disconnect between the boardrooms of America's companies and the Christian witness that the executives occupying those boardrooms wish to portray?

We think you will be blessed while tackling this subject matter and Kingdom Gains will give you many talking points and scriptural focus to share this matter with your members. Call to see if your church qualifies for volume discounts on purchases for small group studies.