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Tebow & Tressel MMM 8-2-2010


Monday Morning Message, August 2, 2010

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A lot has happened since we brought you this message two years ago but one thing that has not changed is the clarity and strength of character that both men have tried to convey thru their witness.  Each year brings new challenges as Tim now begins his pro career with Denver, and Jim starts another college season with new teams on the schedule.  It was an unusual year for Ohio State to have very few players chosen in the NFL draft especially after another conference and Rose Bowl championship season but confirming an outstanding coaching effort.  For Tim, all the doubters about his abilities to make it in the pros was trumped by Denver choosing him in the first round of the draft when most pundits thought he was a third, fourth, or fifth round pick.  Here is our MMM from yesteryear!


Monday Morning Message, September 1, 2008 (Happy Labor Day)

Football fans and football widows are celebrating or dreading the start of another football season.  The end of summer and beginning of fall are punctuated for many people by their favorite football teams whether high school, college, or professional.  I admit to being one of those people who get pumped up by watching this sport and also watching the players, coaches, and fans.  My son and daughter actually keep in touch weekly to talk about life and bet each other on the Monday Night game of the week.  At the end of each year, bragging rights between father and child are short lived as the humility of a new season brings us all back to earth.  It also reminds me why I would never gamble for real on football or any sporting event as the outcomes are so unpredictable.

Cheering for my favorite teams has somehow dwarfed in importance over the years as I have actually gotten to know many players and coaches.  This year is no exception!  Two such individuals are Florida Quarterback, Tim Tebow and Ohio State Coach, Jim Tressel!  These are not new names to most of you who follow college football but to understand why I am highlighting them here on the MMM is to remind all of us of what is really important in life.  Based on their approach to life, their commitment to Christ and the example they try to set for others, both of these men are winners beyond anything they could receive from the game of football. 

This summer, Tim spent much of his time on mission trips around the world to encourage underprivileged people in schools, hospitals, and prisons.  He even assisted in a surgical unit that was set up to help newborns in a remote area of the Philippines where he helped nurses and doctors help with procedures from birth to circumcisions.  Even though he was the youngest player to ever receive the Heisman Trophy, Tim talks about getting better and about how he wants the team to win even more than him winning personal awards.  Because of Tim’s example, his coach Urban Meyer and his family went on their first mission trip to an orphanage that Coach Myer plans to visit every year.

Coach Tressel recently shared his life and coaching secrets in a book that just came out this summer called the “Winners Manual”.  In the prologue from this book he asks the reader this question… “If life ended tonight, would you be a winner?”   As Jim touches players, coaches, alumni, and their families he too knows that life is bigger than the results on Saturday or any bowl game.  How about you?  If life ended tonight, would you be a winner? 

John 3: 17-18 “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.  Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.”

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