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Who Can You Trust? MMM 4-4-2011


Monday Morning Message, April 4, 2011

This past week, the financial and money cable channel, CNBC ran a poll about whether people can trust the markets and indeed feel they have a fair chance in investing their money in traditional stocks and bonds.  Over 80% said “NO” they do NOT believe they have a fair chance and do not trust the markets or Wall Street.  This is a poll among viewers who are actually watching programs totally devoted to money and the markets.

This poll may have been skewed by the news also this week that a former employee of Berkshire Hathaway had pocketed millions by investing in Lubrizol just before recommending to his boss that BKR should buy the company.  This is the company most of you know is the source of wealth for Warren Buffet and was considered by many prior to this week as a paragon of integrity in the marketplace.  Not only were there no criminal charges for insider trading, even Mr.  Buffet seemed unconcerned that anything untoward had taken place from an internal company standpoint.

Christians have a tendency to make bad decisions during periods when our heroes make mistakes.  Because we are all human and still have the sinful nature that gets us into trouble both before and after we know Christ as our Savior, we all are still vulnerable to making a mess of our lives at times.  It seems harder to deal with once we have placed those heroes on a pedestal and yet that is how God has intended for all of us to grow.  By testing our faith and our will during the storms of our lives, we can grow in our relationship and devotion to Christ.

We have seen human failures from pastors, coaches, spouses, relatives, athletes, business icons, performers, friends, neighbors, politicians (probably axiomatic), and yet we still want to put someone on that pedestal.  Why not just make it Jesus and then we can all look up together as broken fellow believers who will help carry each other during the tough times?  Who do you need to pray for/or with this week?  
Romans 3:9-10 (RSV) “…all are under the power of sin, as it is written: None is righteous, no not one…”

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