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Download a Free Sample Chapter of Kingdom Gains!

You can now download a free pdf sample chapter of Kingdom Gains including the front matter of the book. Kingdom Gains is also now available in Kindle format on, in EPub (Nook) versions at Barnes & Noble ( and in the Apple iBookstore.

Kingdom Gains for Individual Investors

As a stock or mutual fund investor, you are a partial owner of that business or the stocks in the mutual fund. So how are your businesses run? Would it make a difference if your investments are profiting from pornography, alcohol, tobacco, abortion, or other activities that are counter to your Christian World View? Learn how Kingdom Gains can help you decide ....More


Kingdom Gains for Financial Advisers

As an adviser, you have earned the trust of your client’s by your integrity and your competence. If you have Christians as clients and you have not acknowledged the importance of investing with their Biblical World View, you are missing a major aspect of their needs. Learn how Kingdom Gains can help you better serve your clients....More


Kingdom Gains for Priests Pastors, and Bible Study Groups

Can you relate to how complicated the financial issues are for the people you are leading in your church? We believe that Kingdom Gains can help you understand many aspects of investing and also add a Biblical orientation. The notes after each chapter will help small group studies and a full study guide is planned for early 2011....More

Book Reviews and Testimonials

Review by Ron Blue, Author of 17 books on personal finance from a biblical perspective and President of Kingdom Advisors

“I believe that this book will become a treasured handbook for the person or family that is serious about being a steward of the financial resources that God has entrusted to them. There is not only practical advice given in this book, but, more importantly, it is integrated with supernatural wisdom.”

Review by Msgr. Frank Mouch

Church leaders for some decades have been prompting their organizations to invest according to the principles their religion upholds. It is encouraging now to see a stock broker advocating the same thing. The author here develops the argument that a good return on investments does not have to come from unethical or irreligious companies. It is possible, desirable and should be sought from businesses that abide by moral principles and conscientiously pursue the common good. For Dwight Short these are found best in the Christian understanding of society, although he argues for “green is good” as well, recognizing “green” as the proper stewardship of God’s creation. In the discussion of where our world is heading, this book makes a real contribution to that aspect of financial investing.

Review by Art Ally, President, The Timothy Plan

Kingdom Gains is not only a good read but a must read for every Christian investor or any Christian that is even thinking about investing. Dwight has really hit a homerun on this one. I believe what makes it so effective goes beyond his extensive research to the fact that he has actually lived by the principles he has shared. Too many authors today simply talk the talk – Dwight has walked the walk! Buy it, read it and pass it on – you’ll be glad you did.

Testimonial by Jim Tressel, Football Head Coach, The Ohio State University

“Dwight Short made it possible for me to attend an FCA camp and my life was forever changed. His investment in me and my future had just begun. A lifelong mentor, friend, and resource, Dwight has spent a lifetime serving God by serving others. His latest book is just another example of his passion to make a difference in the lives of God’s people.”

Review by Ray Matuza

"Having worked with you in ’72-’74, I particularly enjoyed your comments to your early years, your President’s day Muny Bond man, etc. The writing style is simple and easy to read. I believe that with the events of the past 3 years, in particular, the audience should have no problem relating to intrinsic values in good companies, run by good managers. Layer on top of that the BRI versus SRI and you make good sense."

Review by Rusty Leonard, CEO of Stewardship Advisors

“Dwight Short’s “Kingdom Gains” gives a very good overview of the often overlooked concept of Biblically Responsible Investing. Christians desiring to invest as Jesus would will be challenged, inspired and informed by the combination of scriptural insight and practical advice in this easy to read book. I highly recommend it!”

Review by Randy Alcorn, Author of Money, Possessions & Eternity and The Treasure Principle

“God cannot be pleased when we invest his money into companies whose products and services dishonor him and hurt others. It’s time to take seriously what it means to be biblically responsible investors. I am grateful that Dwight Short has done his homework and offered us much-needed wisdom.”